Welcome to the Bucky Files. Anthropomorphic art work by Bucky-Boy.

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Note: Art here is considered NSFW and must be 18 or older to view. You have been forwarned.


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The Birth of Hoof Print



It was an Idea that sunk because I didn't want it to turn into another

However, I do beleave in allot of the things that they do have to say. Read the Fur-Cor manifest.

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"PS. I think that IE-4 sucks, but a lot of sites prefur it because Microsponge gives them free stuff if the advertise it."

"Can you say Kick Back?!?"

A Special Thanks goes out the the crew of FurNation for hosting this site.

Good News, Yarr, my chocolate Doe has has a Fawn Buck. His name is Sage Hoof Print.


"File 61000-A"


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