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This web site contains erotic artwork, including hetero, homo and other forms of sexuality. Please do not enter if the idea of viewing these types of images upsets you or if you are under aged.

Latest Update: September 14, 2001


Archived and updated the page, and yes: the webcounter does in fact count and picks up where the original left off. -FRG

Updates this time include a dozen new sketches, some from the frenzy of drawing I did at Anthrocon. Also there are new prints for viewing and purchasing; these were on sale at Anthrocon this year so if you didn't get a chance to see/buy them then this is your chance. There's 7 new colour prints, 8 new black and whites and a porfolio of my rough work with a nice colour cover. You have a choice of an order form for all of my prints to date or one for just the new 2001 prints.

Also VCL now has given me space for 'mirror' versions of this site... though not in HTML format. No prints ordering pages or the like, just the raw artwork. Yay! :)

The FurNation mirror has been updated. Thank you Nexxus for fixing the FTP server. :)

If you have any questions or comments please email me. Thank you.

Ferris - [redacted]

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