FNR Comic Co.

It started out as an idea to draw attention to Furry artists who were listed on LINE WebToon. Shortly after, the idea became a reality and is now intended to reach all Furry artists on the internet, no matter where their hosted.
How? By uploading their comics under the FNRCC name and linking back to their social media. Doing so creates an essence of professionalism and recognition.
As of 1/28/2020 The FNRCC has four comics. Some artists feel they can make it on their own, and some do(Sabrina Online, Housepets, etc..). This is here for those who are tired of that grind. Enjoy!

The List
  • Death's Metal by Marik Azemus
  • Legent of Zhathar by Jaska Kauppila
  • Logan's Untitled Adventures by Logansryche
  • The Prince of the Moonlight Stone by KillerSandy