A note from FNR

FurNation stood as a founding art site for the Furry Fandom from 1996-2009 and was ran by Nexxus. Ever since then, no incarnation has been able to match what the orignal had, and yet here we are giving it out take ^_^

FurNation's goal was to create a community driven art site where artists in the fandom could display/sell their art as painless as possible. The website restored here was from 1997, the birth of FurNation. The pages aren't flashy, they were designed to show off the artists creativity. You don't need a website that's flash-this or javascript-that to be direct and to the point.

We at the FRG know there's a history that goes with this website(every site has one), and will work to right the wrongs to restore what was here. For starters, all artists share the network drive allowing unlimited uploads and page creations. All artists are also allowed to post SWF or NSFW as long as there's no child porn(the world gets out of balance when it happens: cubs are a gray area still). At some point down the road(or off the bat, whatever happens first), we would like to create some sort of internal artist community where everyone gets along and looks out for one another.

We know the road back will be windy and difficult but are willing to put the work in. There's a saying: What's easy isn't simple and what's simple isn't easy.

-FRG Staff

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