Panda Jenn Productions

It's me!

About Me

Well, I suppose I should start with the fact that I�m not actually a panda -- but all sarcasm aside, my name is Jennifer Carnivele. (Though most folks just call me Jenn.)

I was born in Riverside California on October 5th, 1981. I grew up in Hemet, a small town in southern California that is barely a blip on the map.

From the day I was old enough to hold a pencil, I�ve been doodling and as you can plainly see I never stopped.

I'm currently in my late 30s, I think I'm what some might consider as a "Grey Muzzle"... Lord, Help me!

I've spent a good 20 years (give or take) in the Furry community. In that time I've managed to produce loads upon loads of artwork, create a webcomic and other various contributions. Most recently, I've begun to write webcomic reviews for Dogpatch PressPress.

I consider myself a born Furry, as I was drawn to animals for as long as I can remember. I believe my interest peaked while watching animated shows featuring anthropomorphic animals, such as "Get Along Gang" and "Shirt Tails." among many others. I'm pretty sure "Robin Hood" had been one of the first Disney movies I'd ever seen at the time. I can recall sitting in front of the TV as a toddler, watching it on VHS over and over again. Later, I would grow up and come to be influenced by these types of series and films.

7 year old Jennifer with Robin Hood,
Disneyland 1988

Fursona History

I�ll bet some of you are wondering who this Panda Jenn is and how she came to be, right? Well, hopefully, this will answer any questions you might have about my origin.

It all started back in 2001...

My creator, Jennifer Carnivele, was looking to make a furry mascot to simply represent her and her brand both on and offline.

I guess you can say I�m like the Mickey Mouse to her Walt Disney.

Panda Jenn?

A panda was the first thing that came to mind, and somehow it just seemed to fit. It also wasn�t as commonly used as cats or foxes, which were (and still are) among the most popular choices. She wanted to make sure I would be original and memorable.

As far as my name, well� it was only natural to be named after my creator. It�s also another way to let everyone know that I�m her creation, like putting a signature on a drawing.

Image and Character Development

Below, was Jennifer�s very first drawing of me, fully colored and all. Of course, you can see that my appearance has come a long way from the first draft. Over the years, as Jennifer�s styles began to change, so did I.

You probably have noticed in some other pics of me, mostly in fan art, that I am portrayed as a redhead or sometimes a brunette. Well, just to set the record straight, my official hair color is sienna brown, which is a reddish-brown.

My Big Debut

I was finally introduced to the public with the opening of �Jennifer�s Studio� on September 23, 2003. There, I served as a mascot for the site and appeared on several pieces of artwork.

Jennifer had considered for a while afterward on giving me my own comic. It was originally titled �The Studio� but the project was put on hold for personal reasons.

I finally got my big break on March 9, 2006, when �Simply Panda Jenn� made its debut.

Very first image of Panda Jenn,
created in 2001 by Jennifer Carnivele

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some questions I get asked regarding my art and other personal stuff...

How long have you been drawing?
Since I was 2, or at least old enough to hold a pencil.

Do you draw everything on the computer?
Nope. Every piece of artwork I do starts out hand-drawn with pencil and paper. The finished sketch gets scanned, inked and colored with the help of my tablet and paint software.

What software do you use to color your work?
I use Paint Shot Pro 7.

Do you use a tablet?
Yes. I love my Wacom!

What traditional mediums do you use?
Of all the traditional mediums I�ve used over the years, I prefer Prisma Color pencils.

Do you do requests?
Nope, sorry.

Who are your influences?
I have a number of influences-- Don Bluth was my first, of course, Walt Disney and Warner Brothers were my three major childhood influences and then, later on, I stumbled upon some amazing artists online like Shelley Pledger and Candy Palmer who further inspired me through their work.

Have you ever taken art classes?
Of course, I�ve taken different classes to explore different mediums and fine-tune my skills.

Why did you choose a Panda as your Fursona?
I suppose I could have gone with something more generic like a cat or a fox, I like them both but I wanted to go with something that would stand out a bit more and a Panda seemed like a good fit.

What is your favorite color?
Well, Purple obviously XD